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Please find below a list of guidelines for participating in the comments section of musicalmoron.co.uk. The guidelines are designed to make the site as inclusive as possible and ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to voice their opinion and hear the opinion of others. I'm sure most of you fully understand these rules as they fall under a broad category of 'everyday human decency'. Unfortunately, we live in a world where a small minority of individuals treat the internet as their personal hate sponge so I do have to spell it out.


1. Debate, disagreement and difference of opinion are really important and the cornerstone upon which this site works. At the point where this starts to become abusive towards other participants (i.e. trolling), you will no longer be welcome.


2. Any content that is deemed offensive or threatening will be removed. The same applies to anything that can be interpreted as racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory in any other fashion.


3. Any content that could be libellous or could potentially breach copyright will be removed.


4. Any spam, advertising or posts of a commercial nature will be removed.


5. Please try and keep the thread on topic. Some deviation following a natural thread is fine but anything that goes completely off topic may need to be removed to preserve the quality of the discussion.


6. The site moderator reserves the right to remove any thread or comment for the good of the musicalmoron.co.uk community.


If you have any questions about the moderation process or if there is any thread or comment that you wish to report, please feel free to e-mail me on jdkeating@musicalmoron.co.uk.



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