Musical Moron
Musical Moron

December 2016

9th December

The Heather Findlay Band - I Am Snow

There may not be a flake of it on the Met Office building this Christmas but there is plenty of it in Heather Findlay's debut solo album. Wrap up warm and join me on a magical journey...



Best (Or Worst) Of The Rest

Featuring the latest from Maria Taylor, a protest album from Neil Young and a rare dip into a soundtrack with Hidden Figures...



2nd December

Peter Doherty - Hamburg Demonstrations

The man at least partly responsible for Frankie Cocozza brings us his latest release. Has a slight name change brought about the major attitude change that his talent deserves?...



Best (Or Worst) Of The Rest

A blues lesson from The Rolling Stones, experimentations with Childish Gambino and a kaleidoscopic field trip with deadmau5...



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